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Digital Needs a Business Lens

Digitization is about what technology can do for the business. Hence, digital needs to be viewed from the lens of your portfolio (what you bring to market), from the lens of your GTM (how you take it to market), and from the lens of how you build your products or services. Through it all the customer or end-user needs to be at the center of all our value creation activities. It may seem obvious, but businesses have to practize it diligently in the digital age. Read more....

IoT Transforms Business Models

IoT isn’t just about improving existing business operations. Catering to new consumption models and adapting the delivery model will drive business model innovations Read more...

IoT = IT + OT

Lots of conversations lately about the Internet of Things. Some hype. Some not. Our simple observation is that IoT execution is realized with a combination of Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technologies (OT). The implication then is that IT organizations and business operations teams need to collaborate and align initiatives more than ever to achieve business outcomes. However, prior to that joint execution step, the joint IT/OT initiatives themselves must be aligned to the business strategy. Read more...

IoT Standards for Cyber-physical Systems

IoT standards span IT and OT. We need to take a cyber-physical systems approach to see how IoT standards help with communication, control, and eventually automation. Read more...

Proximity Computing

Responsiveness to users and mission-critical business needs have been pushing the placement of computing and content closer to business and homes for a long time. Edge computing is not new, but an extension of decades-old trend of pre-positioning content and computing from cloud-edge to business edge to personal edge. Read more...

The Ultimate Managed Device

Managed devices and managed services took a giant leap with smartphone. With smartphone, multiple service providers could manage the same device. This step will be dwarfed when remote health monitoring becomes a widespread service. Humans will be the ultimate managed device as well as a datacenter on two feet. Read more...

Control Shifts in the Digital Age

Control shifts enabled by technology will result in profound power shifts across the value chain regardless of industry or technology. Control shifts occur in five disruptive was. How you adapt to it and leverage it in your business will determine your success. Read more...

Knotted Value Chains in the Digital Age

Players in the value chain are finding new ways to collaborate in the digital economy. Unlikely partners are becoming partners or "frenemies". E.g. Comcast integrates Netflix service, VMware partners with Amazon Web Services. Analog and Digital businesses co-exist. Read more...

Streams 'R' Us: IoT & Scaled-out Processing

21st century data processing is scaled out across connected devices that process data on-the-fly. Processing has evolved from store-and-process to process-and-store, all the way from data centers to the network edge

IoT Enables Killer Business Models, not Killer Apps

Catering to new consumption models and adapting the delivery model to be consumption-friendly will drive killer apps. Not simply automating maintenance operations Read more...

Digital Value Chain: Technology Enablers, Providers, & Consumers

Power & cooling providers, colocation providers, & telecoms are key enablers of technologies like cloud, but often overlooked. Consumers of technologies in industrial verticals are next up for glory.

Digital Enables New Business Services

End users are consuming solutions has changed dramatically. As a result, business services themselves are changing. How businesses consume technology changed too. It is no longer about thinking technology out, but about business and customer in. As seen from the infographic below, we have to think from quadrant 1 back to quadrant 4 and not from quadrant 4 to 1 as we build products and services.

Navigate the Digital Complexity

Digital is complicated since we mean a multitude of things when we say digital..everything from offer form-factors (product, service, software, hardware) to business models (transactions, subscriptions), to technology (cloud, mobile, IoT, apps, data, infrastructure) to the company and its business ecosystem. Navigate cautiously, or else we will easily trip over them. Read more...

Is Your Pricing Extracting the Right Value?

Have you considered all points of value extraction in your product or service pricing? Which of the following are your primary and secondary value drivers? How do you position products in your line-up using the points of the pricing star? How do these attributes map to your offers or industry? Are they changing in the digital age?