Hari Harikrishnan

CEO & Founder

Expertise: General Management, High-Tech, Manufacturing, Software, Hardware, Services
Experience: VP/GM Cisco, Stratus Computer, Hughes Software, HCL-HP
Education: MBA, Berkeley-Haas; BS Electrical & Electronics, IIT Madras

Surinder Brar

Managing Partner

Expertise: Go-to-market Strategy, Partner Ecosystems, Global Channels, Product Marketing
Experience: Chief of Partner Strategy Cisco Systems, VP Marketing Xpede Inc, Fortune Systems, North Star Computers, National Semiconductor
Education: Exec Leadership, Stanford University, MBA University of California Berkeley, BS Electrical Engineering, IIT Kanpur

Cerebrus Experts

Industry | Technology | Business Function

Saravan Rajendran

Advisor, Development Strategy

Expertise: Engineering, Cloud, Virtualization, Data Center, Networking
Experience: Cisco VP Eng, VP/GM, Alcatel, Desana
Education: MS University of Missouri, BS Electronics & Communication, Chennai

Andreas Mai

Advisor, Automotive & Manufacturing

Expertise: Autonomous Vehicles, Urban Mobility, IoT, Consulting, Industry Speaker
Experience: Exec Cisco, Covisint Board, PRTM, Roland Berger, WEF Task Force, Govts
Education: Diploma (Dipl.-Kaufmann) in Business, Universities of Osnabrück (Germany), ESTE Universidad de Deusto (Spain), and Buckinghamshire (UK).

Kishan Nair

Advisor, Financial Services & Pharmaceuticals

Expertise: Digital Transformation, Product Management, Business Development
Experience: Digitization Officer at Mylan Pharmaceuticals, Bank of America, Wells Fargo; Acro
Education: MBA, Columbia Business School; MA, Columbia University; BS, Electrical Engineering, VNIT Nagpur.

Jose Lazares

Expertise: Product Management & Marketing, Enterprise Integration Software, High-Tech, Manufacturing, Retail
Experience: VP Oracle, Exec Cisco, Managing Partner @ Digital Consulting
Education: MBA, Harvard; BA, UC Berkeley

Ranga Srinivasan

Expertise: Product Management & Business Development, Semiconductor
Experience: Exec at Toshiba, Intel, Marvell
Education: MS, Computer Science University of Cincinnati; BS Electrical & Electronics, IIT Madras

Dhananjay Nair

Expertise: Product Management, Business Development, Alliances, High-Tech, Virtual Networking, Security
Experience: Exec Microsoft, ACN, Focal Commn, Zentera, Startups
Education: MBA, University of Chicago, Booth School; BS, Material Science, IIT Madras

MR Pamidi Ph.D

Expertise: Big Data, Analytics, Cloud Computing, IoT, Market Research, Consulting
Experience: Cisco,HP, NetApp, Sun
Education: Ph.D., Biomechanics, West Virginia University; MS. Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore